Sunday Mass is made up of several elements: gathering, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, and going forth. Each of these elements requires individuals to share their gifts by volunteering in specific Ministries. These are listed below.


          Ushers are outgoing and enjoy interacting with others. They offer assistance, taking people to their seats. They take up the offering and hand out bulletins at the end of Mass. Ushers are familiar with emergency procedures, and assist in clearing space for emergency workers.


          Readers are responsible for Proclaiming the First and Second Readings at Mass. They are competent Readers who love the Word of God and make it come alive by their Proclamation. They know that it is God who speaks when they proclaim, so they strive to become transparent so that we can remember the Word and not the minister. They take time to pray with the Scriptures and to prepare by understanding the meaning of the Text for themselves first.


          Servers at the Altar are an important Ministry that assists the Priest and the Assembly. Their responsibilities include carrying the Cross in the procession, assisting the Priest at the Chair and at the Altar as required. Their service contributes to the good flow of the Mass; and in fulfilling their Ministry they assume the way of Jesus, who came to serve.


          Eucharistic Ministers to the Sunday Assembly provide a wonderful Ministry of healing when they distribute the Body and Blood of Christ, our most precious Gift. Ministers of Communion to the Sick carry the Body and Blood of Christ to those who because of illness or infirmity are unable to be with us at Mass.


         Music for the Liturgy is provided by Cantors and Organists throughout the year.  From September to June, our Adult Choir sings alternate Sunday Masses.  During this period, weekly practice takes place on Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. New members are welcome. Please contact Music Director Trevor Price at

         A Children’s Choir has been re-organized from about 2018. At this point, the practice is held on Sundays between the 9 and 11 am Masses. They sing once a month at the 9 am Sunday Mass. The Children’s Choir also participate at the Christmas Pageant and possibly on the Family Good Friday Service. Interested children and parents please contact Associate Organist Vicky Chen at  


          Children’s Liturgy Leaders are at ease with children and have a deep appreciation for the presence of Christ in his Word, and understand that children are able to hear and respond to God’s Word at their own level. Leaders prepare by reading and praying with the Scriptures so that they understand the meaning for themselves. They preside, leading the children through their own Liturgy of the word.


          Parish Ministers are mandated to take Holy Communion to shut-ins following the Sunday Eucharist. We have many in nursing homes who look forward each week to receive their Eucharistic Lord. We are thankful to those Parishioners who assist with this very important Ministry in the Parish.

For more information about any of the sacramental ministries, please speak with Father Martin Vallely or Mary Edmondstone.