The following are the scheduled Masses for celebration

at the 8:00 am Mass Tuesday to Friday and the 5:00 pm Saturday evening Mass

Tues. July 7Roy White
Wed. July 8Barbara Blake
Thur. July 9Fernando Corral
Fri. July 10Intentions of Pam Cupido
Sat. July 11Frank Easson
Marco Pasquale
Jack Foley
Tues. July 14Joe MacDonald
Wed. July 15Maureen & Roy White
Thur. July 16Rita MacIsaac
Fri. July 17Nicholaus Huschilt
Sat. July 18Hugh Johns
Katherine Owen
Dominic Chuck
Megan Chuck Thomas
Charlie Luna
Tues. July 21Louise Lefebvre
Wed. July 22Feast of St. Mary Magdalene
Laddie Paduch
Thur. July 23Age Huitema
Fri. July 24Esterina Mancini
Sat. July 25Susan Galera
Guido Cupido
Elaine Yee
Tues. July 28Maureen White
Wed. July 29Amelia Abballe
Thur. July 30Jack Innes
Fri. July 31Andrew John Lynott
Sat. Aug. 1Vincent & Margaret Howcroft
Dorothy Golds
Catharine Mationo
Vince Calzonetti