Dear Parishioners and Friends,

One year ago, as the culminating fruit of an extensive process of consultation and discussion with you, a document was given to everyone, articulating a fresh Mission Statement for our parish community (found on the front cover of the bulletin each week), and naming worthy goals for us to strive for—-in the areas of Evangelization Outreach, Strengthening Community and Worship, Improving Communication, and Compassionate Care Outreach to the most vulnerable.

In this little “Report Card”, one year later, we give you a taste of a number of new developments which have taken place, and try to lay some groundwork for next steps. The items (both achievements, and continuing pursuits and dreams) are summarized under categories, but there is some inevitable overlap.

With our participation in the Diocesan Capital Campaign just around the corner, this will hopefully give some preliminary background to how your Campaign Cabinet (Core Committee) is considering allocation of the lion’s share of the funds which will come back to the parish from your generosity in the Campaign. Much more information on the Campaign will be forthcoming in the Fall.

Please feel most welcome to communicate to Father Martin your comments, and further suggestions. He will share these with the Pastoral Advisory Council, and the Campaign Cabinet.


Welcome and Invitation:

—sponsored Hospitality weekends now regularly scheduled, focus on greeting new parishioners

—parish brochure being developed, identifying information about the parish and its ministries—

             -will be both for established parishioners, and to give to new parishioners and inquirers

             -tentatively planned for Fall, 2019 publication

—seeing increased traffic on parish website; introduction of Facebook page and Twitter feed

—increased communication with younger families through the school, and more frequent mutual

              publication of events (e.g., Grade 8’s Passion Play performance in Holy Week)

Youth and Families:

—schoolchildren provided all the ministries for a Sunday Mass during Lent, plus Hospitality

—Children’s Choir has been established

—Children’s Liturgy of the Word will be expanding to 11:00 A.M. Mass, with increase in

                 number of volunteers this past year; little ones lead the Offertory Hymn occasionally

—Young Vincentians expanding activities and outreach, introducing intergenerational activities

                 (e.g., Stone Soup Evening, Hospitality sponsorship, Be the Hope for the Homeless

                  evening, Blessing Bags)

—Bible Camp increasing in size each summer—now have a multi-aged Team for the program

—serious consideration needs to be given to hiring a Youth/Family Minister, to more fully co-

                 ordinate Evangelization outreach

Compassionate Care Outreach:

—new Co-ordinating Committee has been created, to provide better outreach to home-bound and

                  isolated parishioners, and training and support to volunteers

—training sessions have been held for new interested volunteers for home and long-term-care


—Saint Vincent de Paul Society continues to expand its offerings of services to the needy,

                  putting renewed stress on importance of warm human contact in home visitation


—successful launch of podcast/videocast of Sunday and Daily Liturgy of the Word and homilies,

                  with pilot project in Advent/18 and Lent/19

—pressing need for upgraded website, new outdoor electronic sign, enhanced and upgraded

                   audio-visual equipment, software, and printed materials, and human resources,

                   to support faith development programming and other initiatives

—want to explore the possibility of engaging a part-time Digital Manager for the parish