Holy Rosary Burlington Catholic Parish Community, disciples sent forth by the Holy Spirit to live and proclaim Christ Jesus, strives to constantly grow in faith, vibrant worship, warm welcome to all, and compassionate outreach, to be a vital witness of care and hope wherever the Lord needs us.

—To draw an increased number of persons, of all ages and walks of life, to join in worship and community in our parish

1. Further Develop the Parish Spirit of Intentional Welcoming
—expand the personal hospitality/greeting ministries at church entrance on weekend
—Hospitality/Coffee Sundays, particular focus on those new to the parish, or searching
—parish brochure, introducing newcomers (and veterans) to parish’s groups and activities
—formulate strategies for helping active parishioners to deliberately invite others to come

2. Strengthen Bonds with Schools/Young Families/Youth
—investigate possibility of hiring a Youth/Family Minister
—school classes provide the ministries for Sunday Mass on a regular basis (once a month)
—develop children’s regular involvement, specifically in the music ministry
—develop more creative communication between parish and schools (re: initiatives, events)

3. Provide Opportunities for Adult Faith Development
—explore possibility of introducing the Alpha Program
—speakers on themes of importance to our faith and living
—Eucharistic Adoration more frequently provided, focus on prayer for evangelization
—more effective providing of resources on parish website, bulletin board, info racks
—develop strategies for effective use of social media for outreach and education

—To experience stronger unity and richness in our Sunday worship, and increased connection and involvement in our community life

1. Promote the fuller participation of all in Sunday Eucharist
—work on strategies for variety in worship music, and increased congregational singing
—enhanced attention to recruitment, co-ordination, and development of liturgical ministers
—foster more involvement of children/youth in liturgical ministries
—promote expanded leadership in Children’s Liturgy of the Word program
—hospitality to be emphasized with various strategies, as above under Evangelization

2. Social Get-Togethers, emphasizing invitation and welcome to newcomers
—Coffee Sundays regularly (once a month)
—parish social activities with broad appeal (e.g., family movie nights, BBQ’s)

3. Improved Communication within the Parish
—enhance website, to attract attention to events and opportunities
—more extensive use of photos for information and advertising of activities
—parish groups being more deliberate in sharing information on activities and contacts
—look hard at our outdoor signage, to improve its effectiveness in promoting activities

—To increase awareness and appropriate response to the vulnerable among us and around us

1. Co-Ordination—-Develop a Comprehensive Parish Approach to Compassionate Care
—creation of a Co-Ordinating Committee, with wide representation
—seeking advice on models which work well elsewhere (e.g., Saint Ann, Ancaster)
—work to strengthen inter-communication among the ministries involved in such outreach
—provide opportunities for training in compassionate care ministry

2. Increase Awareness—Better Communication—WHAT is available and WHO is in need
—speakers and workshops, widely advertised
—strategies for promoting parishioners’ awareness, for encouraging them to make referrals
—a “hot-line”